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96-min. documentary cinema / tv
supported by the Federal Gouverment Commissioner for Culture and the Media / Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung / LSTU Berlin Stasi Files Commissioner Berlin


Families of people murdered along the border of East and West Berlin tell their stories.
„A two-year suspended sentence. For firing the fatal shot. Imagine that.“ With those words, we got catched by one of the protagonists Irmgard B. mother of the 1986 shot son in today’s Berlin.
In an oppressive, authoritarian state, the bereaved are also the victims. Even now, more than a quarter of a century on, they still suffer the trauma of their loss.
One woman protagonist doesn’t know what happened to her son’s corpse; another still doesn’t know how and why her husband drowned at the former border; a third discovers photographs in a Stasi case file and is confronted for the first time with images of the dead body of his father.

The harrowing effect of the film unfolds as witness evidence is corroborated on various different levels. The statements of those affected often present a stark contrast to the parallel entries in the Stasi files, formulated in a cold, bureaucratic German that is even more unbearable than usual in this context.
The former lawyer Mr. Jahntz explains why legal action against the border marksmen produced such unsatisfactory results broadens the horizon of the film, but the protagonists and their trauma remain its central focus.

The film’s climax arrives in the form of a meeting between a marksman and the son of his victim.

"Most Valuable Documentary Award 2014“
Cinema for Peace

"Nomination Best Documentary"
37a Mostra International de Cinema São Paulo

"Nomination Best Documentary"
9. Zürich Film Festival

„seal of recommendation“ - „highly recommended“ & „Documentary of the month 2013“ by the german film review (FBW)

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84-min. documentary cinema / tv

Five stories of the dream of freedom and the soul-crushing methods of the Stasi detention.

The five protagonists represent a group of around 72,000 ex-convicts, imprisoned in the GDR for attempting to flee the Republic or around 250,000 ex-convicts imprisoned for political reason.

One of „The best films about the GDR Berliner Zeitung 10.06.2015

„seal of recommendation“ - „highly recommended“ & „Documentary of the month 2009“ by the german film review (FBW)